Argali (The Sheeple)

A race of humanoids with the legs, heads, and fur of mountain rams. An formally isolated, nomadic people that live and prosper in the tall mountains of the world.

Racial Traits

+2 to Constitution
Horned Charge: on a successful charge you may add 1d4 bludgeoning damage to your roll
Winter Coat: resistance to cold damage
Grazing: while travelling Argali can eat grass instead of rations

Age: Average 150 years
Size: 5 to 6 ft, 150 – 250lbs, Medium
Speed: 30ft

Tool Proficiencies: herbalism, artisan, or poisoners kit

Weapon Proficiencies: scythes, hand sickle, and slings



+1 to Dexterity
Mountain Climber: advantage on climbing checks
Scout Weaponry: proficient with shortbow and longbow
Fleet of Foot: increase speed by 5 ft (35ft)


+1 to Strength
Solid Footing: advantage against being knocked prone or stunned
Recoil: If you roll a 1 on an intimidate check you may reroll, you must use the new roll.

New Beginnings, Old Hardships:

Since the creation of the Argali, their people have been subject to distaster both natural and unnatural. Avalanches, earthquakes, blizzards, dragons, giant eagles, wights, abominable snowmen… all common place in the life of an Argali

Persistant and hardiness have allowed the Argali to grow and at times prosper. The founding of the Argali city, Leto, has brought a new hope for the Argali People as well as strengthened their relationship with the mountain dwarves living under them. With a barricaded mountain metropolis the Argali people are slowly removing themselves from the nomadic way of life and moving into the advancing industrial world of the human race.

The movement towards larger herds and cities has caused a great shift in the Argali lifestyle – however not all is left behind. The religious and protective nature of the Argali community remains strong, if not stronger.

High Society:

The Argali live on mountain tops building settlements on cliffs and peaks patched together by rope brights and high wooden towers.

They have an advanced trade system between settlements and outposts as well as an established relationship with dwarves and close human settlements. Argali trade extravagent clothing, hunting supplies, teas, herbs, furs, animals, etc. mostly in exchange for raw materials – ores, metals, woods, oil, etc.

Their weapons include an array of long handled blades as well as slings, bows, and throwing spears. Due to the herbivore nature of Argali way of life, the weapons they use stem from farming tools e.g. scythes with advancements and reinforcements added on. Ranged weapons were developed to defend villages from higher up on the peaks as well as deal with giant avian predators.

Argali are herbivores, grazing on the naturally growing grasses within the mountains. Cultivation of grasses is a prevalent source of food within Argali communities and seen as the most important of roles within their society. Males old and strong enough are assigned the role of looking after the flock – reaping grass and guarding territories.

When it comes to mating, the Argali use extravagant shows of strength, protection, and resourcefulness to win over the hearts of the opposite sex.

Argali (The Sheeple)

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