Hello adventurers,

This campaign is a playtesting ground for a multitude of mechanics, races, story arcs, etc. that we as players and dms have created. Set in a campaign world that is not yet completely discovered, there is always room for new and exciting, as well as sometimes ridiculous, things to come about – where else do you get to parlay with a beaver king resulting in a peace treaty between the local saw mill and the beaver peoples, all whilst a fish lizard war brews in the mountains above.

Playing loose and flexible, we have been slowly finding the balance between ridiculousness and seriousness, allowing the players to drive the story
The party is a mix of new and experience players lead by an aspiring campaign writer who still has a lot to learn.

Player Characters:

Bado Bunce
Adrik Torunn
Harbek Half-wit

The Rise and Fall of Raehlen

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